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For Sales Professionals Who Want To Be Their Best

The Sales Connection is an association that connects sales professionals with best-in-class resources to support their achievements as top performers.

Our attendees include career sales professionals, sales managers and executive leaders from all business and industry sectors.

What can The Sales Connection do for you?


Our members benefit by developing their professional and social networks.  They have the opportunity of connecting with one another and industry leaders through networking opportunities including:


Personal and professional development is key to every sales professional’s success.  

The Sales Connection members have access to individual and group training through our workshops, through the our newsletter, The Funnel, a newsletter for sales professionals, and through sales articles written by industry leaders.


Whether you are career sales professional, a sales manager or a sales executive, The Sales Connection has resources that will aid you in advancing your career.  

If finding a new position is one of your goals, The Sales Connection puts valuable resources at your fingertips through our career center.

Why Should You Attend?

Join us for an upcoming breakfast to network, develop, and learn.

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